Dear Kayo Girl,
Perhaps you could give me some hints on how to get a bust like the woman on the cover of the Novel Book WENCH! ? In anticipation, thanks...

Hey Miss -ter, I recommend a daily ritual of strong beer, stronger men, and a cast iron bra.

Dear Kayo Girl,
I'm an avid reader, but have recently had trouble lifting my books off the shelf. This is particularly true when I'm reading in bed. What can I do?
Duke in Dubuque

Hey Mister, Betcha' you're reading those hardbound volumes again. Some things are best hard, but honey not the bindings on your books. You need to exercise all of your muscles, if you catch my drift. After you've read a few of my favorites, you'll be ready to exercise some of your forgotten muscles.

Dear Kayo Girl,
I'm want to bring my Gal to San Francisco this year for our anniversary. She thinks that burg is just the modern Sodom and Gomorrah. Can a hot blooded male and his repressed dame still find love in the big city?
Hershimer in Chippewa Falls

Mister, All you need are a bottle of cheap hootch, four walls and a mattress and you'll find love.


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